The main principle that I follow when working on each project is the pursuit of simplicity and harmony. The entire design process, from layout to the placement of accessories and paintings, is dedicated to this idea. My task is to make this process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.

When developing the design of the interior space, I am guided by many factors. These are not only the functional requirements and aesthetic preferences of future owners, but also the specific features of each individual object: the appearance of the house and the year it was built, the sizes and proportions of the rooms, existing architectural elements, and even the sides of the light that the windows face. It is this that gives birth to a balanced, modern, harmonious interior made "to individual measures".

In my projects, I focus more on shapes and their combinations within the space rather than on bright colors. Color is secondary to me, it is just one of the elements that can easily be changed, while the form remains unchanged over time and is the most important and stable structure that makes the interior complete.

Perhaps the perfect result for me is creating a home that immediately feels like your own, familiar, a place you want to return to, and which, when you're away, you miss like your best friend.


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